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Where To Buy Discontinued IKEA Furniture | The Comprehensive Guide

How many times has it happened to you? You visit IKEA and fall in love with something, but you don’t buy it. You live far away from IKEA, but you can’t get the product out of your mind. A few months later (or maybe longer), you go back only to find out it’s gone. You search IKEA website and have no luck there either.

Your favorite couch is getting worn out by your pets and you're thinking of replacing just the slipcovers but ... again IKEA discontinues your sofa model.

After going through countless forum posts and various online resources, I came up with a comprehensive response for the big question ... 

Where can you find discontinued IKEA products?

In summary, if the item you're looking for is recently discontinued by IKEA, you might still be able to find it at the AS-IS section in IKEA store. However, if there isn't a store near you or IKEA discontinues the products long time ago, then your best bet is online marketplace like eBay, Etsy or specialty store like Discouch and Bemz.

Below you will find more details about each place as well as its pros and cons of because some are great for finding a certain product. Each place has their own set of unique products from IKEA

For discontinued IKEA furniture and home decor:

4 – IKEA Store

AS-IS section

If you want to get a discontinued IKEA product, where would be the last place you would look? The answer is probably IKEA. And well, it makes sense that if the store has discontinued the product, you won't find it there, plus IKEA doesn't have a centralized service for selling discontinued items.

But every IKEA store I've been to has an area where you can find bargains - old floor models, slightly damaged products, open-box products and so on. This "Bargain Zone" called AS-IS section is usually located in the area near the checkout section, although you can ask a staff member to point you in the right direction.

If the piece of discontinued IKEA furniture that you are looking for belongs to the garden and outdoor category, then you are in luck as IKEA will make those items available next year.

I have seen the SOLVINDEN collection got discontinued and returned to shelf for several times. Around holiday season IKEA will try to get rid of all that summer garden furniture to get some space for the upcoming holiday décor stuff. If you are into garden and outdoor, holiday season is a great opportunity for you to buy those at a discounted price. And if you happened to miss it, no worry because IKEA will certainly restock it next summer.

If the item you are looking for is some small IKEA piece like a home décor, an IKEA employee is more likely to help you pull these items out of the floor model. These floor model will be sold at a discount too because they will end up in the AS-IS section at some point. I scored a cheap set of BESTA once using this tactic.

IKEA sometimes rebrands discontinued models under new names with little or no change, for instance EXPEDIT becoming KALLAX, so if you ask the employees, they may be able to tell you what the replacement model is.


  • Great for buying large furniture because no shipping involved unless it’s too big to fit in your truck
  • Good for collector because of AS-IS section
  • You get to have the delicious meatballs while you’re in the store


  • Mostly used and slightly damaged items
  • Low chance of finding the discontinued IKEA products that you want
  • Impossible for people who don’t live near an IKEA store
  • Time consuming as you must travel to store

3 - Facebook Marketplace, Offerup and Craiglist

 Facebook marketplace mostly covered popular IKEA products

Facebook is for more than checking up on your friends’ latest happenings. You can find some pretty good deals on there too. It is right on your phone, so you don’t have to download any apps. You can just start looking for the discontinued IKEA product that you want immediately. 

OfferUp is pretty much like Craigslist (In fact, it was created to be a direct competitor). This smartphone-based application allows you to buy and sell second-hand items taking advantage of geolocation as it allows us to search and offer products by proximity. Registering is very easy; you only need a smartphone and an Internet connection. In a few steps, you will be part of OfferUp. From there, you can have a look and search for that elusive discontinued IKEA bed frame, couches or bookcases you want so badly, and you can filter the search by distance so you won't break the bank on shipping fees. Bear in mind that just like Facebook Marketplace, if you are in a small city, your chances of finding the specific item you want are very slim.


  • Great for buying large furniture as you may be able to arrange a local pickup
  • Fairly good selection of IKEA products at a fair price on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp
  • Good for buying IKEA home goods because postage is exclusively cheaper for OfferUp sellers


  • Mix of used and new items
  • Not so good for collector as discontinued IKEA products are rare
  • Can be time consuming as you decide to meet up with the seller

2 – eBay and Etsy

Some rare discontinued IKEA MARKERAD listings on eBay

This may be a bit predictable, since many people use eBay as their choice platform for purchasing products that would otherwise be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to access. Still, it is for this very reason that this is one of the most widely preferred avenues through which to procure discontinued IKEA furniture. You will be pleased to learn that many of the items available on this site are still new and stored in their original packaging. Like the latest Off-White x IKEA collection MARKERAD listed for sold on eBay.

Another option is Etsy. On this platform, you will mainly find hand-made objects. However, you can also buy and sell vintage items, which includes a lot of discontinued IKEA furniture. While you're there be sure to look for modifications and hacks to give new life to your other IKEA furniture like this kit for the MALM collection

Generally, these platforms offer a massive selection of discontinued IKEA products so collectors will love them. However, the items are typically sold at a high markup due to scarcity and platform fee. Did you know that eBay and Etsy collect up to 20% on every successful transaction?


  • Great place for IKEA collector because of the massive selection
  • Great for buying IKEA home goods at fairly good price
  • Good for people who do not live near an IKEA store as shipping is available
  • Mostly brand new
  • International shipping available (occasionally)


  • Not good for large furniture as shipping can get expensive
  • Price can get expensive because sellers typically add platform fees into the price of the item which can range between 12% – 20%
  • Difficult to look through countless of unorganized listing because of the massive selection

1 – Discouch

Categorized list of discontinued IKEA products on Discouch

We specialize in procuring and distributing items that have been discontinued, all of which are in brand-new condition, in their original packaging. Our prices are typically lower than most resale businesses in this industry, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when going back to purchase the items you love. The only drawback is that the store doesn't currently carry big items like couches, bed frames or bookshelves but Our store is expanding by constantly adding new products every week so if you’re not able to find the discontinued IKEA items today, it doesn’t mean you lose it forever. Stalk us here


  • Good for collector because of a fairly large selection of limited edition item and popular discontinued item from IKEA
  • Brand new item in original package only
  • Good for people who do not live near an IKEA store as free shipping available
  • Price is lower than large online marketplaces (eBay, Etsy) because no platform fee involved. We believe passing the platform fee as a saving to buyers is the right thing to do
  • Quick and convenient because products are sorted by categories and by collections so you can easily look for whichever item you like


  • No large furniture available
  • Smaller selection compare to eBay or Etsy
  • No international shipping

For discontinued IKEA sofa cover or slipcovers:

 Outlet section for IKEA slipcovers on Bemz 

For the market of IKEA sofa covers, Comfort Work and Bemz are your best bet of finding the replacement for your discontinued model.

Personally, I only had experience with Bemz back when I was looking for a replacement for my NOCKEBY model. The model got discontinued back late 2018 so I went on eBay but the market was flooded with overpriced listings. After doing some research, I was able to narrow down to these 2 biggest players.

As far as price competitiveness, they both have similar price tag with Bemz slightly cheaper. Like for the Ektorp covers, Bemz cheapest option was $249 while Comfort Work was $259.

Comfort Work has a fairly large selection for slipcovers in general but they're not all for IKEA (they carry slipcovers for other brands like Pottery Barn, MUJI, ...)

Bemz has a smaller selection and seems to only make slipcovers for IKEA couches because I was able to find the replacement for the NOCKEBY on their website while Comfort Work doesn't have it. 


  • Perfect for buying slipcovers for current and discontinued IKEA sofa models
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Potential for huge savings as Bemz has an outlet section with up to 50% off


  • Only carry slipcovers

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